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Task Forces
The creation of Task Forces is subject to Board approval. Participation in Task Forces in voluntary. At least six member organisations must participate for a Task Force to be operational. They have defined objectives. A Task Force operates for a maximum of two years. It will report to the Board and after the first year and will deliver its results and conclusions at. the end of the second year. Among the examples of recent task forces are "Bridging the Gap between Public and Private Financing", "Brokerage Events", "Guide for Development and Growth in SMEs", "Evaluation of Programmes", "Transparency on the Management. of Regional and National and International Technology Innovation Programmes".

List of Task Force Reports

The following reports have been compiled by TAFTIE and are available from your TAFTIE contact. Most reports are confidential to Taftie members.

  • Toolbox on the organisation of Investment Fora. The publication of the Toolbox is the outcome of the Task force that examines the role of bridging between public and private finance.

  • Transparency on the management of regional, national and international technology development Programmes.

  • TAFTIE Guidelines on performance indicators for evaluation and monitoring.

  • The CRAFTIE Toolbox, guidelines on how to assist organisations prepare and manage a CRAFT project will be published in March 1999.