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Technology Strategy Board (TSB)





The Technology Strategy Board is a business-focused organisation dedicated to promoting technology-enabled innovation across the UK. Its role is to promote and support research into and development and exploitation of science, technology and new ideas for the benefit of business, in order to increase sustainable economic growth and improve the quality of life.


The Technology Strategy Board was established in July 2007 as a Non Departmental Public Body. It is sponsored by the UK Government Department of Innovation, Universities and Skills.



Approximately €1,3 billion over 3 years. This includes Government funding of €893 million as well as joint investments of €220 million with the UK’s Regional Development Agencies, and €176 million UK’s Research Councils.



The Technology Strategy Board has taken on responsibility for a number of programmes, and in the recent strategy document ‘Connect and Catalyse’, a number of new initiatives were outlined.


Challenge-Led Innovation

Treating the societal and economic challenges of the future as opportunities for innovative solutions that enhance quality of life and increase economic wealth. Accounting for around 50% of the budget by 2011. Examples include:

  • Innovation Platforms
    • These target major policy, societal or market challenges. The Technology Strategy Board works with business, research, government departments and regulators and brings together public and private funding to support programmes to deliver innovative solutions to these challenges.
    • The Technology Strategy Board is currently investing, along with business partners and a number of public sector organisations, in five Innovation Platforms. These focus on assisted living, intelligent transport systems and services, low carbon vehicles, low impact buildings and network security.
  • Challenge Competitions – allowing the market to respond to a challenge set by Government and business.
  • Reformed SBRI – delivering innovation through Government procurement.
  • Investing in the Energy Technologies Institute


Technology-Inspired Innovation

Maintaining core expertise and leading edge technologies to underpin UK business growth and investing in the next generation of technologies and industries. By 2011 around 25% of the Technology Strategy Board budget will be invested in technology inspired innovation.

  • Collaborative Research & Development
    • Funding business-business or business-academic collaborations in the following areas: Advanced materials, Biosciences, Electronics, photonics and electrical systems, Nanotechnology, High value manufacturing, Information and communication.
  • Emerging Technologies Programme – working with business and Government partners to promote the rapid commercialisation of emerging technologies and industries.


The Innovation Climate

Fostering a national confidence in the power of innovation to create opportunities and raise sustainable economic growth. By 2011 around 25% of the Technology Strategy Board annual budget will be invested in these programmes. For example:

  • Knowledge Transfer Networks
    • Connecting broad business and academic communities, with the overall objective of accelerating technology transfer into UK business. They also provide an expert forum for a coherent business voice, acting as the eyes and ears of the Technology Strategy Board and advising on technology needs or on issues which enhance or inhibit innovation.
  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
    • Placing high calibre graduates into companies, to work on specific projects, bringing cutting edge research from academia to business.



75. The Technology Strategy Board is a new organisation, and the staff size is likely to increase as it takes up its new leadership role for driving innovation in the UK.



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