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TAFTIE Annual Seminar 2003

On 24th and 25th of November 2003 the annual TAFTIE seminar was held in Vienna.

The audience of over 100 people enjoyed the 17 speeches on “Additionality: Making public money make a difference”. The 1,5 day seminar was divided into four parts: the views from scientists, TAFTIE agencies, clients and policy makers. This set up accounted for a very interesting seminar.

Below you can download the presentations:

Opening and welcome

Herbert Wotke / FFF - TAFTIE Chair 2003

Additionality: Scientists' view

chair: Jerry Sheehan / OECD

George Licht / ZWE (Germany) The role of additionality in evaluation of public R&D programmes pdf download  
Wolfgang Polt/ Joanneum Research (Austria) The measurement of behavioural additionality - rationale and challenges pdf download
Isabel Busom / Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain) Additionality and funding allocation rules pdf download
Andreas Fier / ZEW (Germany) The measurement of R&D additionality: experiences from public R&D programmes in germany pdf download

Additionality: TAFTIE Agencies' view

chair: Herbert Wotke / FFF (Austria)

Jon Hekland / Research Council Norway Additionality: Making public money make a difference pdf download
Kathleen Quinlan / Enterprise Ireland Methodologies to estimate deadweight and displacement in assisted firms pdf download
Markus Koskenlinna / Tekes (Finland) Additionality and Tekes pdf download
Jan Larosse / IWT (Belgium) Subsidies: more than a financial transfer? pdf download
Bart Clarysse / University of Gent (Belgium) Subsidies: more than a financial transfer? pdf download
Klaus Schnitzer / FFF (Austria) Indicating and measuring additionality at the FFF pdf download

Additionality: Clients' view

chair: Ugur Yüce / TTGV (Turkey)

Magnus Madfors / Ericsson (Sweden) Big company's view pdf download
Bernard Tomasini / SYSTELIA Technologies (France) Small and medium size enterprise' view pdf download
Ingeborg Hochmair-Desoyer / MED-EL (Austria) Start-up company's view  

Additionality: Policy Makers' view

chair: Rupert Pichler / Fed. Min. for Transport, Innovation and Technology (Austria)

John Gillis / DTI (United Kingdom) Additionality: Adding value to collaboration - the UK ICTCarrier programme pdf download
Angus Hunter / ICTCarrier (United Kingdom) Additionality: Adding value to collaboration - the UK ICTCarrier programme pdf download
Theo Roelandt / Ministry of Economic Affairs (Netherlands) Turning facts into vision - The place of evaluation in the policy cycle pdf download
Hervé Pero / European Commission Additionality of the EU Framework Programme pdf download
Willem Zwalve / Senter (Netherlands) Closing of the seminar pdf download
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