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TAFTIE has sent a letter to Commisioner Kroes (DG Competition) in October 2006 as a response to the proposal for new state aid rules. Below you will find the letter and the document. 

Dear Ms Kroes,
As you know TAFTIE (The Organisation for Technology Implementation In Europe, ) has with great interest followed and hopefully also contributed to the development of the new State Aide Rules for Research and Development since we and our clients are very much influenced by them. Internally in TAFTIE we have also established a so called “Task Force” of representatives from the member organisations to analyse and suggest changes in the rules that we think would be beneficial. The Force has documented TAFTIEs views in the attached document and almost all of the content is supported by all TAFTIE members. Although our view is to a large extent in line with the proposal for the new rules we would like to take the opportunity to inform you about seven points in the attachment to be considered before the new rules are decided.  

Best Regards

Per Eriksson Director General VINNOVA and Chair of TAFTIE    

VINNOVA SE-101 58 Stockholm Sweden
phone : +46 8 473 30 01
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Comments on new state aid rules proposal
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