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The Slovenian Technology Agency (hereinafter TIA) is a public agency of the Republic of Slovenia that carries out the expert development and executive tasks which are supposed to advance the technological development and innovation in accordance with the adopted national research and development program and other national programmes supporting enterprises and competition.

The agency is in the early phases, which means that the different working mechanisms are currently build up in order to improve innovations and technology in Slovenian companies.

The vision of TIA is to develop the agency which could have a decisive impact on the goals of the national development and at the same time it could play an important role in the international network of the agencies.

Euro €5 million in 2006.

With reference to the 8th Article of the Foundation Resolution ( Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, num. 12/04 ) TIA implements the following tasks in the interests of the founder as well as in the interests of the public:

  • it carries out the measures to encourage the technological development and innovation within the national research and development program and other national programes supporting enterprises and competition,
  • it prepares expert basis and materials to give directions for the state development policy in the field of the technological development and innovation,
  • it prepares expertise, programes and suggestions for the measures which encourage technological development and innovation,
  • it plans, directs and finances the activities to promote innovation and technological development,
  • it encourages international cooperation and implements the adopted tasks and measures within the international agreements and programes, adopted by the Republic of Slovenia,
  • it follows, prepares and mediates to the users information about the international programes and links in the field of the technological development and innovation,
  • it ensures the expert support to the companies and institutions at preparing and evaluating the development projects which could be incorporated in the Slovenian and international programes, it also helps companies to gain the financial means,
  • it creates the system, monitors and analyzes the implementation of the programes and measures. It also evaluates the effects of the development policy and of the investments into research and development activities to increase the competition of the economy,
  • it monitors indicators which should follow the innovations in the countries, members of EU and gives suggestions about the quality and quantity of national goals,
  • it ensures continuing monitoring and analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the innovation system,
    it cooperates with the Agency in research activities and also with other agencies and organizations to encourage the enterprises and competition in Slovenia and abroad.

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Mojca Skalar Komljanc
Maurerjeva 29, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

phone : +386 1 513 08 76
fax : +386 1 513 08 83
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