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Pera is an international innovation and technology transfer organisation that facilitates industry, mainly SME, access to national and European public funds to develop new technology and engage in international technology transfer.   

€60m turnover in 2007  


Established in the UK over 60 years ago as an industry association owned by the companies it serves, Pera is now one of Europe’s leading business support organisations with innovation and business support centres in eight European countries. We work to improve the growth and competitiveness of industry and business in Europe by helping companies to succeed by providing them with:


Greater access to global market knowledge, technology and investment

Helping firms to access market knowledge, new technology, partners and investment on a global scale through powerful public and private sector networks and business intelligence capabilities. On behalf of national government agencies, we deliver programmes to stimulate international inward investment, technology transfer, partnering and access to high growth global markets for UK companies, providing them with sector and geographic business intelligence to identify and realise international opportunities.


More efficient business processes

Helping firms to optimise their manufacturing and business processes to produce lean, agile and globally competitive operations. On behalf of regional government agencies we provide innovation, manufacturing and business improvement advice as well as help firms meet the increasing demands for innovation and sustainability within large company and public sector supply chain procurement.


Better differentiated products and services

Helping firms to implement innovation as a robust and continuous business process to develop ideas for new products and services. In partnership with regional, national and EC government agencies we also provide access to over 10,000 scientists and engineers to develop the technology needed to realise these ideas and leverage the costs of innovation through partnerships with other companies.


More effective skills development

Helping firms to design training programmes to improve their business performance, management, leadership and use of innovation. We provide access to hundreds of specialist trainers to help firms to compete and grow, while leveraging the costs in partnership with regional and national government agencies.


Pera’s not-for-profit mission enables us to act as a private sector company working in the public interest. Any surplus created is reinvested into services and facilities to benefit our customers, staff and the communities in which we work.

Over 550 staff in 12 countries  


Martin Wassell 
Pera Innovation Park,
Melton Mowbray,
Leicestershire, LE13 0PB,
United Kingdom
Tel : +44 1664 501501
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