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KPI was founded on July 15th, 2003, as part of the reorganisation process of the Hungarian innovation system’s institutional chart. KPI was set up first of all to create an effective and dynamic organisation for promoting the Hungarian innovation system. Moreover, it has been assigned with the task of research exploitation – of the R & D programmes supported by the institution - as well. KPI co-operates closely with a network of public and private stakeholders on national and international level, developing and disseminating together the new knowledge.  

Historical background

  The National Committee for Technological Development (OMFB) was established in 1962, and was operating under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office (later in 1991 under the Ministry of Industry, and in 2000 it became the R&D Division of the Ministry of Education). In 2001, a new Fund Management Directorate (OMAI) was set up and assigned with the responsibility of the management of the Central Technological Development Fund (KMÜFA), the funds for the National R&D Programme (NKFP) and the Vocational Training Fund (SZKA). The cause of the setting up of this new “quasi-agency” or Directorate was the reorganisation of the public administration system in Hungary. In 2003 a new, independent agency was set up for R&D programmes in order to clearly separate the decision and policy making from the implementation and the management of these programmes. KPI, as a new and mission oriented agency is assigned with the responsibility, besides the implementation of the governmental innovation strategy and programmes, for the management of the R&D programmes within the framework of Economic Competitiveness Operational Programmes of the National Development Plan, co-funded  by the European Union’s Structural Funds.


KPI is a governmental agency with the mission of promoting the competitive capability of the Hungarian economy by the implementation and realization of the government’s policy in the field of innovation strategy and programmes. Within this framework, it supports its clients in their R&D activities to meet their needs, and promotes the diffusion of information and knowledge. The agency is responsible for the effective and efficient use of public money and will acts a professional organisation to fulfil the satisfaction of its clients of various background.
Budget :
Innovation related budget: 139.5 M Euro for the fiscal year of 2005.  

Activities :

KPI is responsible for the implementation of the competition based research and development programmes  designed by the National Office of Research and Technology (the governmental body  responsible for shaping the Hungarian science and technology policy) through different measures. The main tasks of the Agency are:
  • Financing R&D and innovation projects through open calls using the sources of the Research and Technology Innovation Fund
  • Acting as accredited implementing body (intermediary body) of the Research, Development and Innovation priority within the Economic Competitiveness Operational programme, financed by the EU Structural Funds and national resources
  • Promoting public-private partnership
  • Providing advisory services for S&T stakeholders at national and regional level

R&D Programmes under the National Development Plan co-financed by the EU Structural Funds  

  • Support of application-oriented co-operative research and technology development activities

- Co-operative industrial research near completion

  • Improvement of the conditions of research, technology transfer and co-operation in public and non-profit research organisations

- Development of the research infrastructure of public research organisations
- Support of partnerships and building of networks promoting technology transfer and co-operation between companies and public research organisations

  • Reinforcement of corporate R&D capacities and innovation skills

- Supporting new, technology and knowledge-intensive micro-enterprises and spin-off companies in their innovation activities
- Development of corporate research infrastructure related to the creation of new research places
- Promotion of corporate innovation    

 R&D Programmes under the Research and Technology Innovation Fund:  

  • National long-term strategic research programmes in selected sectors for  the achievement of scientific and economic breakthrough (Jedlik Ányos Programme)

  • Support for establishment of Regional University Knowledge Centers and their cooperation with industry, aiming to effectively utilize the results of research and development (Pázmány Péter Programme)

  • Promoting the establishment of technology platforms and innovation clusters in selected cutting-edge industries at international level (Asbóth Oszkár Programme)

  • Support to SMEs at regional level in order to implement their innovative ideas and to allow for bying the needed services (Baross Gábor Programme)

  • From the idea to the product: exploitation of individual ideas and implementation of research results including the founding of new SMEs (Irinyi János Programme).

Number of employees: 81  


Annamaria Klug
KPI, H-1117
Budapest Neumann
János utca 1/C

Phone: +36 1 484 2825; 484 2500

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