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The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) is the central Austrian organisation for promotion of research and innovation.

The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) offers advice, support and promotion for research and innovation projects. In this way, the FFG plays an important role in achieving aims, both research and political, defined by Austria and the European Union.

FFG Services
  • Funding of research projects
  • Advice on selecting the right funding programme 
  • Support in:

-  Realising international cooperation projects
-  Activities in the field of Space
-  Cooperation between Science and Economy
-  Exploitation of research results

The services of the FFG primarily support economic-related research. Despite this, its services are open to all organisations and are free of charge.

Statutory basis

The FFG was founded on 17 June 2004 with a resolution passed by the National Council. Its basis is the Federal Law No. I 73/2004. Effective, Wednesday, September 1st 2004 the Austrian Inudstrial Research Promotion Fund (FFF), the Technologie Impulse Gesellschaft (TIG), the Austrian Space Agency (ASA) as well as the Bureau for International Reserach and Technology Cooperation (BIT) have been merged into the Austrian Research Promotion Agency Ltd. (FFG). We anticipate that this merger by resolution of the Austrian Parliament will result in noticeabale increase in activities and responsibility for all five and new Divisions over the coming months and years.

The newly established organisation FFG will by law fully assume the legal succession of FFF, TIG, ASA and BIT and therefore notably replace the former organisations in all contractual matters arising from all our engagements in the national and international fields.

FFG Divisions

General Programmes
Structural Programmes
Thematic Programmes
European and International Programmes
Aernonautics and Space Agency

Total funding budget 2010: Euro 554 million



Sabine Mayer
FFG, Research and  Technology Promotion for Industry 
Sensengasse 1
A-1090 Vienna

phone : +43 5 77 55 70 14





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