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The Best e-services to learn from in TAFTIE

Vinnova’s e-Services Portal and NL Agencies Social and New media service have been selected as the best e-services to learn from. The services were chosen from 3 funding and 3 non-funding eServices that were presented on a joint Executive Working Group and TET task force meeting in Tallinn on 27.09.2011.

In the beginning of 2011 The Technology Enabling TAFTIE task force was founded to analyze the use of IT and e-services in innovation agencies and to share best practices. The task force encountered several topics where agencies could learn from each other and co-operation could be established. One of the best ways to get concrete information about the experiences the agencies have is to describe the services that depend heavily on IT. The task force asked all TAFTIE members to describe their most innovative funding service and non-funding service and received descriptions of 11 funding and 10 non-funding services.

Out of the 11 and 10 services three funding and non-funding services were chosen by the task force. The agencies running these services were asked to present them on the joint TET task force and EWG meeting. The presentations turned out to be very interesting and useful and the members found many common themes to discuss.

The 3 funding services to learn from are:

Customer eService from Tekes, presented by Kristiina Laurila and Pekka Pajuoja
eServices portal from Vinnova, presented by Ulf Trulsson
Innovation voucher from NL Agency, presented by Jordi Strang and Robin Albregt

The 3 non-funding services to learn from are:

Social and New Media from NL Agency, presented by Robin Albregt
Flemish Innovation Network from IWT, presented by Filip Van Isacker
INNOman from FFG, presented by Erich Purkarthofer

 The participants at the presentation voted for services that they saw as being the best ones to learn from. These two turned out to be Vinnovas e-Services Portal and NL Agency’s New and Social media services.

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