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Some short testimonials about TAFTIE-Academy events

Workshop "Entrepreneurship in the Research Context" 16th November 2010, Helsinki

"The Workshop "Entrepreneurship in the Research Context" was excellent organised. The talks were very good structured but we still had enough time for several into deep discussions rounds. Overall the day was enlightening, and I learned some applicable lessons for my work. I will definitely attend another TAFTIE academy session."
Workshop "Insights into Innovation Process" 10th November 2010, Copenhagen

"I was absolutly fascinated by the way innovation and innovation processes is interpreted in a new way. Apart from the oldfashioned linear model thinking it was great to learn from the trainer that innovation is much more addicted to a systemic model thinking. Very helpful knowledge in our daily communication with the ministries and absolutely recommendable for everybody who is dealing with innovation." - Margit Haas, FFG.


RTDI programme management training 15th-19th March 2010, Vienna

„I had a great time and I learned a lot of interesting things very useful for my job from the trainers and the participants.” – Marta Gutierrez Guisado, CDTI

“I would strongly recommend this course, both for newcomers and more experienced RTD Programme Managers. The teachers skills and the setting and content of the course were alle excellent.” – Kjell Emil Naas, RCN

“I found that the trainings content was very clear and complete, due to the whole explanation of the R&D programs/projects process. The most impact thing for me was the atmosphere created due to the practical examples, which clarified every theoretical step.” – Juan Francisco Reyes Sánchez – CDTI

“Very intensive, interesting course. Good trainers, good group. A lot of fun.” – Micele Oleo, IWT

“I had a great time and learned a lot. I highly recommend the program.” – Tarjei Nødtvedt Malme, RCN

“Great time & excellent Program for me!” – Minha Jung, KEIT

“The TAFTIE RDTI Programme Management Training gave me a great overview of all aspects of RDTI programmes and enabled me to share ideas with colleagues working in similar agencies throughout Europe.”

“I never thought this kind of trainings could be fun. I was wrong, the working atmosphere was great!” – Igor Milek, TIA

“A great way to exchange experiences with other people and colleagues.” – David de la Torre, CDTI

“It was really great experience to participate in the training with all the open-minded people. It is also good to know that we all have the same problems J.”

“Excellent overview of the programme management process from design to evaluation. Great exchange of international experiences!” – Kevin Flynn, Enterprise Ireland

“The best part of the training was getting to know colleagues from other agencies. A lot of wheels have been invented and practised, you just need to know the people to learn from.” – Anari Lilleoja, Enterprise Estonia

“An excellent training in terms of trainers, program & educational style. I didn’t only learn, but also met interesting people and had pleasant experience.”


Workshop “Managing Agencies in time of recession: Changing focus of business support?”, 23 October 2009, Vienna

"An illuminating exchange of views and experience on how to deal with present difficulties and how to prepare the future“(Diego Santi, ENEA)
"The workshop gave me a great opportunity to learn about how TAFTIE agencies are responding to the economic situation. I came away with valuable insights and concrete actions I can implement "(Martin Lyes, Enterprise Ireland)
"Excellent possibility to share experiences of different agencies on actual topics"
"Recipe to cook tasty academic event: vivid topic, nine people around the table, professional facilitator. Fortunately all 3 were in place on 23rd Oct. Thus → results ready to apply". (Mariana Karepova, FFG)
"The workshop helped me to realize, that even once the current financial crisis is over, innovation promotion agencies will continue to face many challenges, I look forward to attending future TAFTIE Academy events to be prepared to tackle these challenges." (Kari Komulainen, TEKES)
"Today we had an interesting discussion which opened many questions and issues that agencies around Europe are dealing with. It was interesting for me to hear how other agencies are working in the times of crisis. I got many ideas for my work in the future and visions for the development of the agency I work for." (Franc Gider, TIA)
"The workshop was wonderful food for thoughts. Filled with interesting ideas and even more interesting questions on how to implement innovation policies and instruments in times of crisis and afterwards. Cornerstones of success of the workshop were the perfect preparation made by Birgit Baumann and engaged participation of present experts. It might be difficult to maintain such a high level of work." (Mateusz Gaczynski, PARP)
"The workshop on “Managing Agencies in time of recession: Changing focus of business support?" was the launching event of the Taftie Academy. It was an example of how workshops should be: well prepared and excellent facilitated (by Birgit Baumann) and with vivid discussion form the participants. The conclusions will be shared with our colleagues at the agencies and the Board of Taftie". (Jeroen Heijs, SenterNovem)
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