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The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI) was established in response to a significant increase in public sector investments in research and development, which placed great demands on the authorities tasked with administrating the funds. A key challenge for the Agency lies in translating the high political prioritisation of research and innovation into growth, prosperity and cultural development in Denmark.


DASTI is an agency under the Danish Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and responsible for the following policy areas.

  • Public research and innovation funding
  • Research and innovation policy
  • Researcher mobility
  • Dialogue on priorities in research and technology initiatives
  • Commercialization of public and private research
  • Interaction between research and business 
  • Research and knowledge dissemination
  • Legislation on funding bodies for research, technology and innovation
  • EU research policy and international co-operation on research and innovation.

DASTI  is also responsible for interaction between knowledge institutions and business and industry as well as for international research and innovation partnerships.

DASTI performs tasks relating to research and innovation policy and provides secretariat services to and supervises the scientific research councils which allocate funds for independent research, for strategic research and for innovation and which advise the political system.

DASTI is secretariat to the following research councils and committees: 

  • the Danish Council for Technology and Innovation,
  • the Danish Council for Independent Research,
  • the Danish Council for Strategic Research,
  • the Danish Research Policy Council and
  • the Danish Committees on Scientific Dishonesty.


566 million Euro. Appr. 140 million is focusing on innovation policy initiatives.




Søren Jensen

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