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 TAFTIE sends recommendations to EC and Eureka


In encouters with both EC (at the TAFTIE Policy Forum organised in June 2009)  and with Eureka (TAFTIE Annual Conference in December 2009), TAFTIE was encouraged to give recommendations on how the SMEs' innovation support measures at EU level could be developed, organised and implemented from 2014 on.

The outcome of very intensive consultations was sent to the EC and Eureka on 20th May 2010:


        TAFTIE recommendations on the future SME Innovation Support Measures in ERA


The recommendations show that TAFTIE member agencies are all in favour of SME support measures at EU level because they strengthen the competitiveness and innovation capacity of SMEs, by helping them to increase their research efforts, acquire technological know-how and exploit research results.

The common position is in agreement with the mission and activities of the 23 members of TAFTIE, the European Network of Innovation Agencies, as they are leading funding agencies on industrial R&D and Innovation in 21 EU Member States and Associated States. Members manage on a daily basis R&D and Innovation programmes with a total volume of between 6 and 7 billion Euro per year. SMEs are their main target group as TAFTIE member agencies use their longstanding experience and proximity to SMEs to assist them in participating in national as well as international programmes.

TAFTIE welcomes the request by the Commission and Eureka to tap into this source of knowledge and is very willing to share it. TAFTIE hopes that  the recommendations contribute to the desired aim: (even)  better framework conditions and efficient support schemes for the benefit of our SMEs. Therefore TAFTIE offers the Commission and Eureka its help as sparring partner in the coming period in which the new or improved SME measures will be designed.                                          


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