This Go/Stop manual has been produced as a result of work going on in The Association for Technology Implementation in Europe (TAFT-IE).

TAFTIE has produced this Guidelines Manual to facilitate the work done by consultants, agen-cies and other organisations that give assist-ance to SME’s to support them in their technical development, thereby supporting the growth of the SMEs.

TAFTIE is an organisation with two main goals: new and better services to industry, especially SMEs, and sharing skills and experiences. The organisation concentrates on members from the European countries, mainly organisations from the member states within the European Union.

TAFTIE has today 15 members, which are all of them organisations with the task to help SMEs in their own country to grow through special national SME schemes and through fostering SMEs to go international.

By combining existing national experience and infrastructure on an internal level, TAFTIE can act as a catalyst without need for additional bureaucracy.

Together the various organisations belonging to TAFTIE can determine areas of mutual inter-est and, through sharing skills and experiences, pursue them to the benefit of all members.

TAFTIE has also links to the Commission of the European Union and in the future foresees working relations with the Commission.