Programme 2018

Please find hereunder the trainings, workshops and webinars offered within the scope of the TAFTIE Academy for 2018.


Within 2018, 2 Staff Trainings, 3 Networkings and 2 Webinars should be organised.


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The planning of networking workshops and webinars will be more flexible. Instead of planning the workshops and webinars beforehand and making an annual programme (through a demand survey and a pre-registration process), the EWG members are encouraged to take the leading role for the identification of the topics throughout the year. The ideas and recommendations from EWG members for Academy workshops and webinars will be discussed during the EWG meetings. 
Please contact your EWG member if you have new ideas for Networking Workshops or Webinars. You could use this template for describing your idea. 


Staff Trainings


17-18 April 2018, Vienna: Insights into the Innovation Process - C A N C E L L E D


12-13 September 2018, Vienna: Evaluation Advanced


19-20 September 2018, Vienna: Insights into the Innovation Process


Networking Workshops

02 May 2018, Oslo: Building partnerships for collective experimentation


07 November 2018, Vienna: How agencies experiment with and develop new approaches


Policy tools to meet the shortage of highly skilled workforce in high-tech  -- postponed to 2019