Linking Europe's Innovators


Europe's innovators are coming together. Through the Association for Technology Implementation in Europe (TAFTIE), a group of 14 organisations from 13 countries, national technological innovation organisations can cooperate with and learn from one another. This also assists their customers in forming international partnerships.

TAFTIE's membership is made up of organisations which have responsibility at national level for their country's national innovation programmes. The Association allows the national organisations to learn best practice from an analysis of how other member organisations run their affairs. It also enables them to co-operate at a European level.

If European industry is to compete in the new millennium then Europe's undoubted talent in high-technology must be fully exploited. The continent's very large number of highly talented companies and research institutes must overcome the barriers between them and learn to work together. Flexible, innovative and fast-developing small and medium sized enterprises, stand to benefit most from international partnerships.

TAFTIE is developing mechanisms which will make it easier for European industry, particularly SME's to pursue international innovative projects. The members of TAFTIE are:


TAFTIE'S Member Organisations
Organisation Complete Name Country
CDTI Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial Spain
ENEA Ente per le Nuove Tecnologie, I'Energia e l'Ambiente Italy
FFF Forschungsförderungsfonds Für Die Gewerbliche Wirstchaft (The Austrian Industrial Research Promotion Fund) Austria
Enterprise Ireland (EI) Ireland
IWT Vlaams Inst. Voor de Bevordering van het Wetenschappelijk-Technologisch Onderzoek in de Industrie Belgium
VINNOVA Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems.
RCN The Research Council of Norway Norway
Scottish Enterprise United Kingdom
TECHNOPOL Technopol Brussel Bruxelles Belgium
TEKES Technoloy Development Centre Finland
TTGV Türkiye Teknoloji Gelistirme Vakfi Turkey
VDI/VDE-IT VDI/VDE Technologiezentrum Informationstechnik GmbH Germany



TAFTIE Organisation Technology Innovation Personnel Financing for Innovation Programs (Mecu)
ANVAR 365 200
CDTI 146 240
ENEA 928 144
Enterprise Ireland 1060 295
FFF 31 154
IWT 95 122
VINNOVA 100 80
RCN 60 100
SE 60 12
SENTER 243 500
TEKES 232 350
TTGV 24 40
VDI/VDE 60 120

These organisations play a major role in implementing their own countrie's technology policies and programmes. Bringing these organisations together through TAFTIE allows them to cater more efficiently to the international needs of their customers.

The Association engages in two types of activity. These are:

  1. New and Improved Services to Industry
  2. Sharing Skills and Experiences