Internal Structure

TAFTIE was registered in 1992 under French law and has its official seat in Paris.

The Chairmanship rotates every year among members. The Assistant Secretariat assists the Chair with the preparations of meetings and the follow-up activities.



TAFTIE's Internal Structure can be defined as follows:


The Board: A director is appointed from each member organisation.

It is the decision making body. It meets at least once a year.

It approves the accounts, the creation of new task forces and yearly operational plans.


The Executive Working Group: This includes delegates from every member. The Working Group creates proposals which are decided upon by the Board. It monitors the activities of the Task Forces and the Ad-Hoc Groups.


Task Forces: The creation of Task Forces is subject to Board approval. Participation in Task Forces is voluntary. Each year a task force writes a workplan (including a budget) to be decided upon by the Board. At the end of each year the task force has to report to the Board. 


Ad Hoc Groups: These are established by the Working Group or the Board. They are very focused on a specific subject like the preparation of the annual seminar or a decision paper on the membership policy of TAFTIE. They operate for a maximum of one year.