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CTI the Innovation Promotion Agency is the Swiss Government's premier tool to support knowledge and technology transfer between businesses and universities. The mandate of the CTI is to promote science-based innovation with money and advisory services with the objective of improving the performance and competitive capacity of the Swiss economy.



For the fiscal year 2017 the CTI had a budget of ≈ 223.7 m €



The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) promotes science-based innovation in Switzerland by providing financial resources, professional advice and networks. The CTI operates on the principle of subsidiarity through a number of closely linked funding areas, helping when innovations cannot be launched or their market potential remains untapped. The CTI helps to improve the competitiveness of Swiss companies, especially of SMEs, and to increase the performance of organisations serving the Swiss public.


R&D Funding: The CTI helps innovations to achieve their breakthrough by co-funding research and development projects run jointly by companies, public agencies or non-profit organisations with entitled research institutions. With a focus on new technologies and findings, projects which promise rapid results tend to receive support, especially in the fields of life sciences, micro- and nanotechnology, engineering and enabling sciences.Meeting certain criteria, the CTI can support R&D projects involving foreign research institutions. Moreover, the CTI is involved in several international research networks (ERA-Nets).


KTT-Support: The CTI promotes knowledge and technology transfer (KTT) between universities and industry in order to boost innovative projects and start-up ideas. Innovation mentors provide information on funding opportunities and support in drawing up project applications. The “national thematic networks” help to form links between companies and public research institutions in thematic areas which are of particular interest to Switzerland. Interactive and physical KTT platforms provide an opportunity to form contacts and share experiences.


Start-up and entrepreneurship: The CTI promotes entrepreneurial thinking among young scientists and business people. Training and coaching programmes provide young entrepreneurs with professional support in putting their business ideas into practice. The focus is placed on knowledge-intensive and technology-based companies with considerable market potential.


Energy research programme:The CTI has the mandate to finance and manage the creation of research networks between higher education institutions, the Swiss Competence Centres for Energy Research (SCCER). In addition, the CTI receives additional financial means for research and development projects in the field of energy.



The CTI secretariat has a Staff of around 36 FTE. In addition the CTI has 72 commission members, 75 start-up coaches and 14 innovation mentors.




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