EWG Meeting / Expert Meeting Innsbruck

28.02 2013

28. Feb. 2013, afternoon


EWG Meeting/Expert Session , Innsbruck


Expert Session


Which set of funding instruments do we need in different  phases of economic development?

There is an ongoing discussion on regional, national and European level about the most appropriate way to invest public money for RTDI. In times of budgetary constraints a sound understanding of how different funding mechanisms can be used effectively is of main importance. The expert session will highlight different aspects of the topic, e.g. requirements of SMEs or the interplay between direct funding and tax schemes.




•  Harald Gohm, CEO of Standortagentur Tirol

…covers the perspective of a regional funding agency


•  Klaus Schnitzer, Head of General Programmes Division of FFG

…covers the perspective of a national funding agency

Referring to a recent evaluation on the cooperation between FFG (national agency) and a regional funding authority in the field of additional loans.


•  Christian Hoffmann, CEO of GeoVille

…covers the perspective of an SME

"SME financing during times of crisis"