EWG Meeting III Birmingham

18.09 2012

Meeting III - Birmingham

September 18th & 19th 2012


18th September – mid afternoon

 Pre-commercial Procurement in Horizon 2020 - When government or public bodies require technology-led solutions they can drive innovation from the demand side by acting as technologically-demanding initial buyers. In addition government-efficiency improves through the adoption of leading technologies. Companies which would perhaps not normally provide technologies or services to government will be given a boost through procurement contracts, and a guaranteed immediate market. Pre-commercial procurement should be seen by governments as an additional tool with which to drive innovation, and thus deliver economic growth. Demand-led innovation and pre-commercial procurement are likely to be key themes within Horizon 2020. Some TAFTIE member agencies have been involved in European Commission consultations on European pre-commercial procurement schemes. A paper developing this theme will be circulated in December 2012.


19th September – EWG meeting