VALOR & TAFTIE Round Table 2009

09.12 2009

Valorisation of R&D Results.


Holmenkollen Hotel Oslo


After three years of operation the InnoNet project VALOR is coming to an end and in accordance to planning a set of recommendations [ Joint Action Plan] to the European Commission has been drafted on how to commercialise R&D results more effective and more efficient in the future.


These recommendations have a twofold implication: on the one hand they try and catalyse a new approach on valorisation within the European Agencies implementing Technology programs and they are aiming at a certain form of collaboration with the EUREKA Network on the other.


To this ” twofold context” it is clear that the 15 VALOR Consortium Members are of the opinion that TAFTIE would be the perfect environment to discuss the JAP, get comments on the present draft and then produce and publish a definite and well supported Plan to the Commission; most of the VALOR Consortium Members are TAFTIE Members at the same time and almost all of them are hosting the EUREKA National Project Offices.


Therefore the Norwegian Chair in TAFTIE was of the opinion that the 2009 TAFTIE Annual Conference and Board meeting could be considered  a perfect occasion to sit together for a short period of time in a Round Table set up to discuss and come with suggestions on this very interesting and important issue of valorisation.


After a short introduction to the VALOR approach and methodology the VALOR Consortium presented a couple of statements with key points of the JAP. During a lively discussion the auditorium agreed on the key issues of the findings. The valuable remarks of these TAFTIE experts will taken into consideration before presenting the final results to the EC."


The presentation by Kjell-Hakan Närfelt (VINNOVA) can be downloaded here  ( as well as the Draft Joint Action Plan (