TAFTIE Seminar 2006

28.11 2006

TAFTIE Seminar 2006

On 29th and 30th of November 2006 the annual TAFTIE seminar was held in Stockholm.

The audience enjoyed the speeches on  New Frontiers for Research and Innovation Agencies. The 1,5 day seminar was divided into three parts: Public-Private Partnerships for Innovation, TAFTIE in the world and Wider Innovation Concepts. This set up accounted for a very interesting seminar.


Below you can download the presentations:

Opening and welcome

Mr Per Eriksson / Director General VINNOVA - TAFTIE Chair 2006



Public-Private Partnerships for Innovation


Mr. Jacques Magen / Agency for Industrial Innovation (France)

Programme Mobilizing Industrial Innovation: a new type of public-private partnership for innovation

Ms Enrica Chiozza / European Commission

Use of the Structural Funds on Innovation-related projects

Mr Göran Marklund / Vinnova (Sweden)

Investigation on Innovation Procurement  

Ms Diane Palmintera / Innovation Associates (USA)

Support Mechanisms for Small Businesses to become actors in innovation systems



TAFTIE  in the world


Prof. Frederik Sjöholm / Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden)

Globalisation of RTD: What are the impacts?

Prof. Jan-Anders Manson / Ecole Polytechniques de Lausanne and Konstruktion-Bakelit  AB (Sweden)

A Globalisation Strategy of a Small Business

Mr Kari Komulainen / Tekes (Finland)

Going global - Tekes Strategy for International Co-operation

Mr Martin Lyes / Enterprise Ireland (Ireland)

Building Global Knowledge Networks



Wider Innovation Concepts


Pierre Vigier / DG Enterprise and Industry

The New Innovation Policy Climate

Marcel Kleijn / SenterNovem (Netherlands)

Innovation Programmes and how to design them

Mr Kjell-Hakan Närfelt / VINNOVA (Sweden)

Make Agencies make a difference

Mr Olivier de Cock / IWT and Prof Bart Clarysse / Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School (Belgium)

Proof of Additionality of IWT-grants