Task Force on State Aid Rules for R&D&I


Task Force on State Aid Rules for R&D&I


The task force on State Aid Rules for R&D&I was established for years 2012-2013 on the revision of the EU R&D&I framework. The target of the task force is to influence the process and the changing rules so that the revised state aid rules for R&D&I allow all appropriate policy measures for enhancing innovation. Through the work of the task force, the experiences of TAFTIE members of application of rules in practice can be taken into account in the revision of the R&D&I framework.


The current Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation (hereafter R&D&I framework) is in force until 31.12.2013. Most of the provisions of the current R&D&I framework are included in the General Block Exemption Regulation (GBER) which is in force until 31.12.2013.


The European Commission published its mid-term review of the R&D&I framework in August 2011[1]. The Commission published an open consultation on R&D&I Framework in December 2011. The consultation can be found in  http://ec.europa.eu/competition/consultations/2012_stateaid_rdi/index_en.html. The deadline for comments is 24th of February 2012.


The first step of the TAFTIE task force was to prepare comments to this consultation paper. The task force had its first meeting in Brussels on 15th of February and TAFTIE’s comment to the consultation was prepared based on the discussion in the meeting as well the work of the previous TAFTIE state aid task force that submitted its proposal to the Commission in March 2011.


The task force shall continue its work to communicate TAFTIE’s view and proposals to the Commission in order to influence the rules under revision. The revised framework should reflect the fast changing environment where R&D&I is performed in the future, providing flexible rules that are able to react and adapt to the changes. This should be the main target of the Commission when revising the rules and should be stressed also by TAFTIE proposals for the Commission. The task force plans to visit relevant persons in the Commission and submit more detailed proposals for the new rules in order to ensure that TAFTIE views are taken into consideration.

Tekes is chairing the task force.


You can download here:


TAFTIE’s comments to the Commission consultation


Previous state aid task force: TAFTIE proposals for the renewal of State Aid Rules for RDI


Task force Members

Maija Lönnqvist, Tekes
Jari Romanainen, Tekes
Geert Baarsma, Nl Agency
Ofelia Alvarez, CDTI
Eve Pakkas, Enterprise Estonia
Eoghan Hanrahan, Enterprise Ireland
Daniela Fabits, FFG
Maarten Sileghem, IWT
Ricardas Valanciauskas, MITA
Sylvie Cogneau, OSEO
Monika Konikowska-Wojcik, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP)
Karol Tadrzak, Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP)
Line Hallenstvedt Bjørvik, Research Council Norway (RCN)
Sverre Sogge, Research Council Norway (RCN)
Martin Kobert, Technology Agency Czech Republic (TACR)
Alexander Hantosi, Vinnova








[1]Commission Staff Working Paper. Mid-term review of the R&D&I Framework http://ec.europa.eu/competition/state_aid/legislation/rdi_mid_term_review_en.pdf




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