Trainings 2011

Workshop "Insights into the Innovation Process"

On 22nd November 2011 a workshop on "Insights into the Innovation Process" took place in Copenhagen. Eleven participants from six different agencies worked on the question: "Why do some inventions become economically successful and earn profits while others don’t?"


RTI-Programme Management Training

From 12th to 14th October 2011 we held a RTI programme management training for junior programme managers in Vienna. Nine participants from three different agencies received an overview on many aspects around RTI programme management, in particular the implementation phase, and exchanged experience with trainers and other participants in an international environment.


Evaluation Training Advanced

From 20th to 21st September 2011 an Evaluation Training Advanced for RTI-Programme Managers took place in Brussels. Ten participants from eight different agencies worked on their understanding of the the main evaluation methodologies, of how and when these can be applied in the specific context of evaluating innovation and the methodological and practical issues that arise in using and combining evaluation methods.


The changing global innovation geography

On 19th May 2011 the training "The changing global innovation geography – trends, challenges and tools for innovation agencies" for senior strategy officials of TAFTIE member agencies took place in Oslo. Eight participants from four different agencies worked on the question "How can or should innovation agencies respond to the changing global innovation geography?".