Some short testimonials about TAFTIE-Academy events


Staff Training "Insights into the Innovation Process", 23-24 September 2015, Vienna, Austria

"It was an inspirational training and I had interesting discussions during training and during breaks. I will come again if the theme and timing is appropriate."

Jonny Ivarsson Paulsson, VINNOVA


"I would like to come to more staff trainings and workshops in the future. Inspiring."


Networking Workshop Increasing coordination of internationalization activities of TAFTIE Agencies, 12 March 2015, Vienna, Austria

“Meetings like this are perfect opportunities to enhance cooperation. Agencies may only cooperate if people talk and think together. Thank you."

Julio Cesar Imenes, FINEP


"Good networking meeting and very informative. Excellent organization. Great to meet NFB's outside of the NCP Horizon and Eureka network."

Mike Timmermans, RVO


Networking Workshop Sharing practices and experiences on supporting and developing RTO’s, 16 April 2015, Copenhagen, Denmark

“The workshop was very interesting. We could talk about experiences in different countries, exchange ideas. We have time for the discussion and we realized that it's not easy to implement one good solution and the role of RTOs isn't so clear."

- Ewa Planutis, PARP


Networking Workshop Digital platforms for open innovation and online matchmaking: an effective way to support enterprise development, 29 May 2015, Paris, France

A very valuable workshop with a great range of input and ideas. Having someone from the EC at the workshop provided added value. Exactly the sort of workshop TAFTIE should be doing."

- David Golding, Innovate UK


"This meeting on digital platforms was clearly a plus to foster further cooperation at the European level between public organizations and with the EU."

- Gilles Le Cocguen, BPI France


"The subject is very vital and important to discuss and share the experience on. It was very nice to get to know different approaches and hear several good practices of the topic."

- Joanna Kleszcz, PARP




Staff Training "Insights into the Innovation Process", 20-21 March 2014, Vienna, Austria

"The workshop was very informative and challenging some of our current principles. The atmosphere was very friendly and inviting for mutual learning and discussion. Also the organization and moderator were great!"

- Noa Ecker Amrani, Matimop


Staff Training "Evaluation Advanced", 23-24 June 2014, Brussels, Belgium

"This course was very valuable for me, I got a view into the evaluation problematic."

- Michal Petkov, TA CR


"Very kind atmosphere during seminar, good moderation."

- Ondrej Tusl, TA CR


Networking Workshop "Mentoring & Coaching (Key Account Management) and the new SME instrument", 8 October 2014, Vienna, Austria

"Thank you once again for the invitation. It was for me very important to be able to compare the theoretical knowledge to practice. Workshop - very inspiring!"

- Maya Wasilewska, PARP


"In enjoyed very much the scheme - rather a small group, discussion atmosphere, well structured and managed event. The exchange of best practise as well as current problems and challenges made me realise lot of things and gave me some new ides to implement."

- Tána Perglová, TA CR




Networking Workshop "Project monitoring", 24 October 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark

"Simple plan is needed for complex subjects - so this was right level for this topic."

- Jens von Axelson, VINNOVA


Networking Workshop "How to get the prototype to the market", 5 September 2013, Brussels, Belgium

"Good organization, nice atmosphere, interesting people from different fields (different to my field). Very interesting key note with good key note speaker."

- Marina Rossi, PtJ Jülich


Networking Workshop "Preparing for Horizon 2020", 14-15 May 2013, Graz, Austria

"The discussions and exchange of knowledge between the colleagues from different agencies are very stimulating and highly appreciated and help to get prepared for Horizon 2020!"

- Ines Haberl, FFG


Networking Workshop "Follow UP WS: Monetary funding", 15 April 2013, Vienna, Austria

"Valuable on both theoretical and practical level!"
- Anna Wrobel, PARP

"I enjoyed the experience sharing with colleagues from different countries! This is a great platform for communication, too."

- Xiuhua Zhang, The Research Council of Norway


Networking Workshop "Project selection procedures", 19 March 2013, Madrid, Spain

"It was a good opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with people from other R&D financing international agencies. The event was very well managed by the moderator. It is very important to have common procedures and goals among agencies if we want to get a common European space. So this kind of event should be kept as a time regular procedure."
José M. Bueno, CDTI


Networking Workshop "Initiating joint programme evaluations", 24 January 2013, Brussels, Belgium

"It was very useful for networking purposes soncerning R&D tax schemes. I hope that this workshop is a startingpoint for further international collaboration and knowledge sharing on R&D tax schemes."

- Koen Septer, NL Agency




Staff training "Evaluation Advanced", 4-5 June 2012, Vienna, Austria
"Very welcome event in an important area which has very few training opportunities"
- Kevin Flynn, Enterprise Ireland


Staff training International Collaboration - "Are you puzzled with ERA?", 4-5 October 2012, Brussels, Belgium
"Thanks for the informative and excellently organised workshop!"
- Participant

"Nice interactive training --> Games and interactions kept everyone involved"
- Participant



Networking Workshop "Monetary Funding", 16th April 2012, Vienna, Austria

“An excellent way to extend my network with colleagues from other government agencies.”
– Karin Aase, VINNOVA

“An interesting start of a new type of networking workshop.”
– Klaus Schnitzer, FFG


Networking Workshop "Performance Measurement", 26th April 2012, Helsinki, Finland

"Good first impressions from Taftie Academy. It was really nice to meet with the persons who are every day facing the same questions"

- Janel Rebane, Enterprise Estonia


Networking Workshop "E-Identification", 19th September 2012, Birmingham, UK

"There was some stimulating discussion and the keynote injected some good energy and controversy into what could have been a pretty dry topic."

- Participant

"Excellent opportunity to hear experience from other countries at different stages in using e-identification."

- Participant


Networking Workshop "Internationalisation strategies", 25th October 2012, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"Well organised and fun. Inspirational!"

- Participant

"Very good structure, inspiring ideas, nice venue!"

- Participant