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TTGV was founded in June 1991 by the joint efforts of private sector companies, public institutions, umbrella organizations and individuals through a loan agreement signed between the Turkish Government and the World Bank. It is a non-profit organization established by law and operates to improve Turkey’s competitive position in the international markets through supporting R&D activities of private sector firms.


The main missions of TTGV are:

    * To stimulate an increase in private sector investment in R&D,
    * To encourage the development of technologies with broad application areas,
    * To strengthen the links between industry and scientific organizations like universities, The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), and other research organizations,
    * To help industry to exploit advances in science.  


Annual Support Budget
25.7 Million Euros  in 2011


TTGV provides financial support to innovative and market oriented industrial projects of Turkish companies through soft loans. The support is made available through the resources of Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade of Turkey and formerly through the World Bank. In two projects financed by the World Bank, TTGV played an important role in developing and applying new support mechanisms to strengthen the private sector's research, technology development and innovation capabilities.


As of May 2011, for Technology Development Projects that is operational since 1991, TTGV provided 200 Million Euros to 860 projects, creating an R&D volume of approximately 400 Million Euros. Furthermore, the recommendations provided by the external experts during project monitoring and evaluation process became an important resource for the companies that do not have or trying to develop a corporate R&D practice.


In order to create a synergy among universities, human resources and knowledge base, TTGV also financed two technoparks - one in Bilkent University and the other in Istanbul Technical University. Both technoparks host around 220 firms with 2000 employees today. TTGV also contributed to the establishment of two venture capital firms - IsGirisim and TURKVEN to create a successful model for venture capital investments in Turkey. Moreover, TTGV is one of the main investors of Istanbul Venture Capital Initiative (iVCi), which is Turkey's first ever dedicated fund of funds and co-investment programme, together with the European Investment Fund (EIF).


Besides R&D support in technology development projects, TTGV gives support to environmental projects. Specifically aiming to phase out the ozone depleting substances in industry, TTGV utilized the fund by the World Bank through the Montreal Protocol. Furthermore, with “TTGV Environmental Supports Programme”, financial support is provided to implementation projects conducted by the industries in the fields of environmental technologies (cleaner production), energy efficiency and renewable energy. In this context, implementations increasing the environmental performance of industries, decreasing the cost of production and so increasing the power of competitiveness are incentivized.


The last but not the least, TTGV is managing various projects funded by the EU through programmes like FP7 and CIP.



43 permanent (in addition, 1500 experts by contract for project evaluation and monitoring). 


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