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Pera is a not for profit organisation created by the UK government in 1946 with a public mission to improve industry innovation, productivity, skills and global market access. Nowadays, Pera is a leading innovation and business support network with centres in seven European countries.


On behalf of UK Government we deliver business support programmes to:

·         Attract global R&D investment into the UK –


·         Attract global entrepreneurs to relocate into the UK -

·         Secure business for UK firms in global high growth markets -

·         Create value chain partnerships between UK and global high techs -

·         Improve business productivity through advice and education -[1]

·         Coach high growth SMEs to sustain growth -

·         Support SMEs to learn how to trade in the public sector -


In addition, Pera works as a traditional Research & Technology Organisation (RTO) helping industry, particularly SMEs, to innovate using new technology to enhance the value of products and services. We help more SMEs to secure UK and EC R&D funding for innovation than any other organisation in the UK and help firms to build R&D delivery teams from a network of 10,000 scientists and engineers.




Célia Gavaud


Melton Mowbray,

Leicestershire, LE13 0PB

United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1664 501501



[1]The UK Learning & Skills Council exists to make England better skilled and more competitive