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Bpifrance provides assistance and financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises, facilitating access to banks and equity capital investors, in particular during the high-risk phases: Start-up, Innovation, Development, International, Buy out.

Bpifrance is a financial institution gathering together activities previously delivered by OSEO, the Strategic Investment Fund (FSI), FSI Regions and CDC enterprises.

Acting in the French Regions, Bpifrance supports SMEs through a decentralised network of 37 regional offices, being in direct contact with the entrepreneurs and their partners: 90% of decisions are being made at regional level.

Bpifrance provides French companies with:

  • -Innovation funding
  • -Guarantees for bank financing and venture capital
  • -Investment and operational cycle financing alongside banking and financial institutions
  • -Equity investment, directly or through partner funds
  • -Export support (Ubifrance and Coface export) through Bpifrance Export


  • -Innovation support and financing – 1.469B€ (1.3 B€ + 169 M€) in 2015
    -Guarantee to facilitate bank loans – 3.7 B€ in 2015
    -Joint financing with banks – 6.1 B€ in 2015
    -Investing in companies’ equity - 1.76 B€ in 2015


Bpifrance is running several innovation support programmes, either for individual companies or for collaborative research and innovation projects (of which clusters projects). 2500 companies are supported annually in average.

Bpifrance is running several investment funds dedicated to innovation support, in ecotechnologies, life sciences, ICT and other sectors. 1000 companies are invested in average each year, either directly or through the fund of fund activity.


At a European level, Bpifrance participates in several European Programmes and Networks:   

- Horizon 2020: NCP for SMEs and Risk Finance

- EUREKA and Eurostars

- RSI programme

At the international level, Bpifrance has agreements covering innovation activities with several countries: Brazil, Canada, Russia, India, China, Israel, Japan, Korea.





Christian Dubarry
Pôle Europe - Direction du Développement et de l'International
Bpifrance - 27-31 Avenue du Général Leclerc
F-94710 Maisons-Alfort Cedex
Phone: +33 141798350