Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( - Netherlands


Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( - Netherlands



Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. The aim is to improve opportunities for entrepreneurs and strengthen their position. On behalf of the Dutch government we implement policies regarding innovation, sustainable development, agriculture and international business. Our core competence is converting government policy into reality.



Within the theme of innovation our staff (510 fte in 2013) helps with financing innovative ideas, finding business partners, know-how, intellectual property rights and compliance with laws and regulations.The agency works in The Netherlands and abroad with governments, knowledge centres, international organisations and countless other partners.Netherlands Enterprise Agency also works on behalf of international organisations such as the European Union and foreign governments. Through us these organisations gain access to a broad Dutch network of knowledge institutes, research centres, trade associations, companies and government officials. We also participate in numerous international platforms and counselling groups.



Netherlands Enterprise Agency is part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The organisation has been in existence since 2014 and is the result of a merger between Netherlands Agency and the Agency for Agricultural Regulations. Some activities of the Commodities Boards are also included.


In 2013, Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s turnover comprised 4 billion euro of which 500 million euro directly falls under the theme of Entrepreneurship & Innovation.


Mr. P.J.M. (Pieter) de Bruijn PhD
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Phone: +31 88 602 5170