• 21.02 2012
    Impacts of Innovation Policy

    Staffan Håkansson and Lennart Elg of VINNOVA have written a booklet on Impacts of Innovation Policy - lessons from VINNOVA's impact studies


    VINNOVA's impact studies describe and provide an understanding of the broader, long-term effects of public investments in research and development.

  • 03.02 2012
    Innovation for older adults

    The Technology Strategy Board and partners urge the UK to innovate so older adults can live independently for longer.

  • 20.01 2012
    Progress and results Dutch Global Sustainable Biomass Fund

    This January the fourth factsheet of the Global Sustainable Biomass Fund was published. This half-yearly factsheets provide a regular update on the progress and results of the projects in the Global Sustainable Biomass Fund to enhance the insight of all stakeholders into the sustainable production of biomass.

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  • 20.01 2012
    CTI participating in ERA-NET for the first time

    From January 2012 the CTI will be participating in an ERA-NET project in the European Research Area.


    The ERASynBio project will run for 36 months and is aimed at developing and coordinating national and regional research programmes in the field of synthetic biology in the European area. A total of 16 countries are taking part in the project.


    In the course of 2012 EraSynBio will launch a call for submissions of R&D proposals. The precise timing has yet to be defined. Further information will follow.

  • 20.01 2012

    The TAFTIE Board has decided to re-establish a task force for years 2012-2013 on the revision of the EU R&D&I framework. The target of the task force is  to influence the process and the changing rules so that the revised state aid rules for R&D&I allow all appropriate policy measures for enhancing innovation. Through the work of the task force,  the experiences of TAFTIE members of application of rules in practice can be taken into account in the revision of the R&D&I framework.



  • 20.01 2012

    Standard & Poor’s downgraded France’s credit rating from AAA to AA+ (for real this time) Friday 13th January,
    along with that of eight other European countries. What is the impact on innovation in Europe?
    The Washington Post tries to give answers.


  • 20.01 2012

    The European Research Area Board (ERAB) addresses the role of VC in the early investment stages of innovative entrepreneurs in its current recommendation (December 2011)

  • 12.01 2012

    By way of a questionnaire, the Commission invites Member States and interested parties to submit their input and views on the review of the EU state aid rules for supporting R&D&I ahead of the expiry of theR&D&I Framework end of 2013. The Commission is in particular interested in statistical information and qualitative comments on national R&D&I policies at large and on national state aid support measures for R&D&I in particular.

  • 10.10 2011

    The European Commission is holding its first European Innovation Convention in Brussels on December 5th-6th. This is intended as a major annual event – the target is 1,200 participants – for stakeholders from across the innovation chain, including high-level policy makers, leading CEOs, deans of universities and research centres, bankers, venture capitalists, top researchers and innovators.

  • 07.10 2011

    The Best e-services to learn from in TAFTIE


    Vinnova’s e-Services Portal and NL Agencies Social and New media service have been selected as the best e-services to learn from. The services were chosen from 3 funding and 3 non-funding eServices that were presented on a joint Executive Working Group and TET task force meeting in Tallinn on 27.09.2011.