• 23.08 2013
    INNO-Partnering Forum (IPF) reports available to Taftie Members

    Taftie Members can download reports of work packages in the member area.

  • 03.07 2013

    In June the Taftie Board decided to appoint Luxinnovation (luxembourg), PtJ (Germany) and BICRO (Croatia) as new members.


  • 03.07 2013

    The 2013 Conference took place on 10th June in Vienna in the Hotel & Palais Strudlhof.

    You can now download some of the presentations.

    A Conference report will become available soon.

  • 06.02 2013


    Last year, Pera and TSB were co-chairmen of Taftie.

    In the Chairmanship's summary you can read the highlights of their chairmanship.

  • 15.10 2012



    On 11th June the Annual Taftie Conference took place in Cambridge:


    Small Business Innovation
    Stimulating Entrepreneurship and Growth
    read more and download the report by following this link
  • 17.04 2012



    This document contains TAFTIE’s comments to the open consultation published by the Commission on the State Aid Framework for Research, Development and Innovation:


    Taftie's comments

  • 11.04 2012

    On 25 and 26 June, the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is organising the Conference Good Practices and Learnings: Linking Business, Research and Higher Education.
    Celia Gavaud has been asked as Executive Secretary of Taftie to animate a panel on World-Class Research & Innovation Culture.


  • 29.03 2012


    On 16 February 2012 Taftie organised an Expert Session in London on Innovation support to stimulate entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses.


    The session included presentations by two speakers working directly on the issue of High Growth Firms: Robert Crawford from the National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts (NESTA) and Colin Moody, Director at Pera.


    You can download here the report of the sessions as well as the slides used by the two speakers.

  • 09.03 2012

    The INNO-Partnering Forum present in this First Stage Report entitled Existing Good Service Delivery Practices Internationally the results of a literature review and series of preliminary interviews with a number of international innovation service delivery organisations that have been identified as being potential best practice for helping SMEs to access innovation support. The report was produced as part of Work Package 6 of the INNO-Partnering Forum.


  • 21.02 2012

    Commission shows member states the way