Technology Development Foundation of Turkey
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TTGV was founded in June 1991 by the joint efforts of private and public sectors through a loan agreement signed between the Turkish Government and the World Bank.

The main missions of TTGV are:

  • To stimulate a real increase in industries own investment in R&D.
  • To encourage the development of technologies which have broad application.
  • To strengthen the links between industry and scientific organizations like Universities, TÜBITAK, and other research organizations.
  • To help industry to exploit developments in science.

€40 m.

TTGV provides financial support to innovative and market oriented industrial projects by grating soft loans to Turkish Industrial companies. The form of loan is free of interest. The support is made available as a loan through the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade of Turkey and through the World Bank.

The fund of 39m euros made available by the World Bank in 1991 has totally been allocated to the implementation of one hundred technology projects. Currently TTGV supports projects through the fund of 54m euros made available by the World Bank in 1999 under Industrial Technology Project (ITP) and the Foreign Trade Undersecretariat from which 25.5 m euros has been allocated.

Under ITP, TTGV started new schemes as Technology Support Services, Technology Service Centres, Technoparks and Venture Capital.

TTGV also supports international collaboration in R&D through the funding of Turkish partners of EUREKA projects.

Besides R&D support in technology development projects, TTGV gives support to environmental projects specifically aiming to Phase Out of zone Depleting Substances in Industry. The fund for this project group is made available by the World Bank through the Montreal Protocol. 11.5m euros has been allocated for the Ozone Projects through the 16.5m euros fund provided.



36 permanent, 1500 by contract.

TTGV acts as a coordinator in supporting technology development projects. Assessment and supervision of the projects are done by experts from Universities and private or public sectors. Experts work for TTGV by contract on a temporary basis. Almost 1500 experts have been contracted in order to assess and supervise the projects since the establishment of TTGV. This number increases depending on the number of the projects supported by the Foundation.

Ugur Yüce.
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