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  • To provide the Brussels companies strategic information in order to help them develop their activities.
  • To create a permanent bridge between the companies and the research centres which are able to help them develop new products.
  • To introduce the companies into European R&D programmes.
  • To introduce the companies in transnational network-partnerships.
  • To promote the Brussels know-how and products in Belgium and abroad.
  • To stimulate economic sectorial projects.
  • To introduce companies into technological guidance-units.
  • To sensitise companies to introduce quality-standards and ISO-norms.
  • To procure access to international databases.


Their budget for 2000 is 2 million

Innovution in business

  • Identification of user needs.
  • Guidance and assistance to the sources of technological expertise.
  • Promotion of inter company partnership and alliances.
  • Piloting and assistance towards European programmes and financing.
  • Fostering of a quality environment and approach.
Research and co-operation
  • Promotion of R&D activities.
  • Fostering and development of co-operation.
  • Protection of Innovation.
  • Financing of Innovation.
International trade
  • European actions
    • Innovation Relay Centre for Brussels (BIRC).
    • Midas-Net node.
    • European programmes & networks (CRAFT national contact point NCP, NCP Innovation)

20 people.

Jacques Evrard.
Technopol Brussels Bruxelles, Rue Gabrielle Petitstraat, 4 B 12, B-1080 Brussels Belgium
tel.+32 2 422 00 25, fax +32 2 422 00 43
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