The Research Council of Norway

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The Research Council of Norway acts as a government adviser, identifying present and future needs for knowledge and research. The Council is also a funding agency for independent research programmes and projects, strategic programmes at research institutes, and Norwegian participation in international research programmes. In addition, the Research Council has a role as a co-ordinator, initiating networks and promoting co-operation between R&D institutions, ministries, business and industry, public agencies and enterprises, other sources of funding, and users of research.

Approximately one third of Norway's public sector research investment is channelled through the Research Council. The remainder is transferred directly from the ministries to the relevant research institutions. In 1999, Norway spent a total of NOK 20 billion on R&D, of which public sector allocations accounted for roughly NOK 8.5 billion. In 2002 the Research Council of Norway has a budget of NOK 3.6 billion (450 million Euro)

Important research priorities are

  • basic research
  • marine research
  • information and communication technology
  • health research
  • energy and climate research
  • biotechnology
  • petroleum research
  • material science

Research divisions

  • Bioproduction and Processing
  • Industry and Energy
  • Culture and Society
  • Medicine and Health
  • Environment and Development
  • Science and Technology

Total 290, of which 35 within the Council’s Industry and Energy Division

Morten Staude
The Research Council of Norway
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N-0131 Oslo

Telephone: +47 2203 7244
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