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ANVAR - France
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ENEA - Italy
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IWT - Belgium
VINNOVA - Sweden
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RCN - Norway
Scottish Enterprise -United Kingdom
SENTER - Netherlands
TEKES - Finland
TTGV - Turkey
VDI/VDE-IT - Germany
DATI - Denmark

SENTER The Netherlands

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    Senter has been operating as an agency of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs since January 1st, 1994. Its agency formula enables it to adopt a maximum business-oriented approach in the public setting within which it operates.

    The agency's task is to implement government policy in the areas of technology, energy, the environment, exports and international co-operation. The purpose of these activities is to make an enduring contribution to the position of our country's business sector and the universities and research institutes.

    • A central role is played in the fulfilment of Senter's mission by the separation of policy and implementation as well as by quality. This is achieved by:
    • The correct and efficient implementation of schemes and programmes
    • An awareness of the requirements of business in order to be able to provide policy-makers with the right information
    • The achievement and measurement of policy objectives
    • A honest, independent and pro-active approach
    • Establishing a multi-disciplinary team of experts and motivated staff
    • Investing in talents, knowledge and networks and deploying them in the best way possible
    • Operating on the basis of an international scope with a focus on the Netherlands

    A sum of 500 m (1.15 billion Nlg) in commitment-based credits and subsidies in 1997.

    Implementation of policy instruments: Senter implements policy instruments at the request of a range of national and European government bodies. Its services are available in relation to the development, design and implementation of policy instruments.
    Intermediary: Senter has access to an extensive network of 'InnovatieCentra' (Innovation Centres (Syntens)), sector organisations, venture capital companies, technology institutes, utility companies and sister organisations throughout Europe.
    Analysis: Senter has in-depth insight into the current status of technology in the Netherlands. This expertise can make an important policy contribution.
    Consultancy: Senter provides independent advice and information to governments and applicants aimed at intensifying Dutch participation in European technology projects.

    Senter operates branches in The Hague and Zwolle, which employed a total of 486 at year-end 1997.

    Ben Giesen.
    tel. +31 70 36 10 306, fax +31 70 35 62 811

    Jeroen Heijs
    tel. +31 70 36 10 403, fax +31 70 35 62 811
    Senter, Grote Markstraat 43, P.O. Box 30732, Nl-2500 GS The Hague the Netherlands www.senter.nl