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Working Group Members
ANVAR - France
CDTI - Spain
ENEA - Italy
FFF - Austria
IWT - Belgium
VINNOVA - Sweden
OM - Hungary
RCN - Norway
Scottish Enterprise -United Kingdom
SENTER - Netherlands
TEKES - Finland
TTGV - Turkey
VDI/VDE-IT - Germany
DATI - Denmark

Technology Development Centre


    Tekes primary objective is to promote the competitiveness of Finnish industry and the service sector by technological means. Activities should diversify production structures, increase production and exports, and create a foundation for employment and social well-being.

    Tekes' contribution involves supporting and stimulating Finnish industries and research institutes by means of funding, information and consulting services. Tekes participates actively in the planning and implementation of the Finnish national technology policy.

    Euro 390 million.


    • Tekes plans, co-ordinates and finances technology programmes. It provides funding for applied technical research carried out by institutes and universities, as well as for R&D projects within industry with emphasis on the small and medium sized companies.

    • Tekes co-ordinates and finances Finnish participation in international technological R&D co-operation, like COST, EUREKA, EC research programmes and the European Space Agency (ESA). The role of Tekes is to assist in the organisation of the early stages of co-operation and to finance the R&D. The actual work is carried out at universities and research institutes and in industry.

    • Tekes is represented by the Technology units of fifteen Employment and Economic Development Centres throughout Finland. These units offer assistance to small to medium size companies in planning development projects which involve new technology and international competition. The regional consultants also play an important role in the diffusion of new technology.

    • The Finnish Industrial Attachés and their staff are an integral part of the Tekes organisation. Their main task is to increase technological co-operation between their base country and Finland, especially between SMEs. The work includes exchange of information on science and technology, technical standards, product specifications and approvals. The attachés are also active in promoting Finnish technology.

    210 in the central unit, 15 in the overseas offices and 45 in the Employment and Economic Development Centres, alltogether 270 Technology Innovation Personnel.

    Gösta Diehl.
    Tekes, Kyllikinportti 2, P.O.Box 69, FIN-00101 Helsinki Finland
    tel. +358 105 215 740, fax +358 105 215 901
    Website: www.tekes.fi

    Director General: Dr Veli-Pekka Saarnivaara.