Enterprise Ireland

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Enterprise Ireland is an organisation of the Government of Ireland with the mission of building the competitive capability of Irish industry. Enterprise Ireland's global office network links international business with competitive Irish enterprises.

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Enterprise Ireland's core objective is to help its clients - primarily manufacturing and internationally traded services enterprises with 10 or more employees - to grow their profitable sales, exports and sustainable employment.

At the level of the individual enterprise, Enterprise Ireland offers clients a wide range of customised business solutions, integrated within a structured business development framework. The solutions it offers cover the entire spectrum of the business chain:

  • Business and Marketing consultancy
  • Research and Development and Design
  • Production and Operations
  • Human Resource Development
  • Finance

Enterprise Ireland executes its national responsibility for promoting science and innovation by:

  • improving the management of innovation in companies
  • stimulating science and technology in the Third Level sector
  • driving effective collaboration between the Third Level and industry
  • promoting effective participation by Irish business in international R+D programmes
  • providing business and technology information and advisory services


Owen McBreen.
Enterprise Ireland www.enterprise-ireland.com
Dublin 9

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