The Italian National Agency for New Technology, Energy and the Environment.

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ENEA is a government research and innovation organisation operating to further sustainable economic development, competitiveness, job creation, and environmental protection. ENEA also operates on behalf of public administrations by providing advanced services in the areas of energy, environment and technological innovation. In particular, ENEA: - conducts, develops and promotes research and innovation in the interest of sustainable development, partly by creating demonstration facilities and pilot projects, in the framework of the national research programme and in line with national commitments in the areas of energy, environment and technological innovation deriving from Italy's membership in the European Union and other international organisations; - supports innovation processes within the economy, especially among small and medium-size enterprises, in part by stimulating demand for research and technology conforming to the principles of sustainable development; - promotes the transfer of technology and positive experiences in the fields of energy and environment to public administrations and small and medium-size enterprises in furtherance of national and European Union objectives; - provides specialised technical and organisational support in its own areas of competence to public agencies acting in the national or international spheres, and to the regional and local governments, upon request and under programme agreements with various Ministries (Industry, Trade, Environment, Universities and Research) and other public administrations.

ENEA's provisional budget for the year 2003 amounts to about €380 Million.

Besides R&D and demonstration work in the fields of renewable energies and energy conservation, of nuclear fusion and fission and of the environment, ENEA's activities in the sector of innovation concern mainly the development, diffusion and transfer into the productive systems of key advanced technologies, including lasers, robotics, new materials, chemical processes and treatments, information processing, cryogenics, electron accelerators and agro-biotechnologies. Typical technology transfer initiatives are: innovation promoting projects, in Italy and abroad, in industrial districts characterised by a large number of traditional enterprises mainly SMEs; centres for technology demonstration and application set up with local authorities and industrial operators; regional networks providing information on available technologies, applicable legislation, domestic and international incentives, market opportunities.

ENEA employs a staff of over 3600 people operating in research centres and technology diffusion units throughout Italy.

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