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Working Group Members
ANVAR - France
CDTI - Spain
ENEA - Italy
FFF - Austria
IWT - Belgium
VINNOVA - Sweden
OM - Hungary
RCN - Norway
Scottish Enterprise - United Kingdom
SENTER - Netherlands
TEKES - Finland
TTGV - Turkey
VDI/VDE-IT - Germany
DATI - Denmark

DATI (Danish Agency for Trade and Industry )Denmark

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Danish Agency for Trade and Industry (DATI) strengthens the development opportunities for Danish trade and industry and thus contributes to Danish citizens' welfare. The policy of DATI is to secure the best possible background for e.g. innovation, development of competence, export and internationalisation. This policy is fulfilled by making consultancy, service and co-financing available for companies and their consultants.


270 Meuro (year 2000).


Innovation and development of competence

DATI offers Danish companies the tools that cultivate innovation and development of competence - and ensures that the companies benefit from new technological knowledge and consultancy. DATI assists companies in e.g.:

    • establishing co-operation with research institutions and technological institutes on strategic development and research projects, both nationally and internationally.

    • improving work on management, organisation and competence development.
    • working professionally with the use of design.

    • converting public knowledge and expertise to increased competitiveness and employment in private companies.

    • profiting from consultancy through 12 Technological Information Centres and 14 approved Technological Service Institutes all over Denmark.

    • strengthening the regional business environment in Denmark. This is achieved through a number of regional business development programmes.

Export and globalisation

DATI has a host of programmes strengthening the companies' work on export and globalisation, e.g.:

  • a regional business development programme for development of small companies' practical export competence.

  • a regional business development programme assisting Danish companies in getting access to East-European markets.

  • the EUREKA programme.

  • all tasks in connection with Danish world exhibitions.

Employees: 202 (year 2000).