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The Centre for Industrial Technology Development (CDTI) is the main agency for the funding of industrial technology development and innovation in Spain. It is a state-owned company, and, established 1977, has financed more than 3,500 technology development projects so far.

The budget managed by CDTI in national and international
programmes is about €240 m.


  • Funds market-oriented technology development with zero interest, long term loans.
  • Funds pre-competitive research projects by companies and research centres .
  • Promoting technology transfer.

CDTI manages the spanish participation within several industrial research and development international programs:
  • European Union R&D Programmes:Head of the Spanish delegations and National Contact Point in the Thematic Priorities and Research & Innovation of FP6. Spanish contact point of the European IST for active partners search IDEAL-IST.
  • Eureka: National Project Coordinator (NPC), including the
    responsibility of approving and financing projects.
  • Iberoeka: National Project Coordinator (NPC). A program similar to Eureka in objectives and management, with member participants of 19 countries from Latin America, plus Portugal and Spain.
  • European Space Agency (ESA): Spanish delegate.
  • European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN). Spanish delegate in the Financing Committee.

159 employees

Francisco Gimenez-Reyna.
CDTI -(Centro para el Desarrollo Tecnológico Industrial)
C./ Cid, 4
28001 - Madrid
tel. +34 91 581 55 00, fax +34 91 581 55 94