ANVAR France
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Promoting and financing innovation in French industry particularly for SMEs. Facilitating the emergence of new products and processes in all fields of activity.

€274 M annual budget.

From 1981 to 2002, €4,09 billion EUR have enabled Anvar to
share the risk of innovation with more than 36 000 companies and laboratories, supporting more than 76 000 technological innovation projects.



The role of the Agency is to meet with the needs and requirements of French SMEs, through its 24 regional offices, by offering a multi-faceted professional approach:

  • Providing information, access to consultancy services and

  • Establishing contacts with technical partners (laboratories, technology transfer agencies);

  • Assisting in partner search to set up industrial and commercial partnership, and in looking for capital funds for start-up or growing companies.

Anvar organises European technology exchanges and investment fora, and widespreads via its 24 regional offices information on European R&D and EU programs.


Anvar gives a financial support under the form of an interest-free loan, repayable if the project is successful, covering up to 50 % of the expenditure relating to the innovation program or technology transfer. This support can also be a grant (up to EUR38000) to finance, in some cases, more selective programs with a view to:

  • Preparing or completing innovation programs (market survey, design, patents);
  • Facilitating the setting up of innovative companies;
  • Raising the technological level of SMEs (hiring researchers, scientific and technical information, etc.....);
  • Encouraging SMEs to become more involved in European
    technological cooperation projects within Eureka (seeking for partners and drawing up formal cooperation agreements), or within the 5th framework programme.
    Decisions to finance are taken by the regional officers, and are based on both technical economic and financial experts' reports.

Operational Staff:
525 at headquarters and in regional offices.

Jean-Claude Porée
Director of European and international affairs
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Françoise LAMBERT,
Direction of European and international affairs
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43, rue de Caumartin,
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