Using the search TAFTIE engine

To use the search engine simply enter the word or words you wish to search for and click 'Search'.

All: will look for pages with all your search words.
Any: will find any of your search words on the page.
Boolean: See below.

Long: Returns a long description of the page that matches your search words. It will also include a direct link to the actual word(s) on the page where possible.
Short: Returns a much shorter version, useful for quick searches.

Score: all results are ranked with a number (T's). The closer the match the higher the number of (T's).
Time: will display results with the most recently updated pages first.
Title: will display results alphanumerically by page name or title. Please note pages or titles beginning with numbers or special characters will always come first.

Searching for two or more words

When searching for two words together it will return all pages it finds
with these two words side by side as the highest ranking hits, but it will also
return any pages it finds with the two words on the page in separate

For example: if you search for 'space science' (all words or Boolean AND)
and select the top hit, then using your web browser's search to search the page,
you will find the words 'space science' appear together on this page. If
you then select a hit with only two or less (T's) then you will not find
the two words together but both words will be on the same page in
different paces.

Boolean search
You can use Boolean expressions such as AND, OR, and NOT to build more complex searches.

For example: selecting Boolean and entering the search words 'space OR science' will return all pages with either of these words. However entering '(space OR science) NOT NASA' will return pages with either space or science but not with the word NASA in the page.