Webinar Gender Equality in Research Funding

Host: FFG


Proposed Date & Place: 18 May 2016, 14:00 CET, online


Length: 1 hour (1 hour 20 min max)


Speaker: Judith Raffelseder, Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy

               Sabine Haubenwallner, FWF, Science Europe Chair of Gender and Diversity WG

               Stephanie Rammel, Gender Expert in Horizon 2020 and ERA, FFG


Moderator: Birgit Steininger, FFG

Brief Description

The European Research Area (ERA) has a priority dedicated to gender equality and gender mainstreaming in research. This has effects on all levels of research and also on research funding in Europe.



The webinar will look at following questions:
- Why is gender equality in research funding important for the successful implementation of ERA on national and European level?

- How are the objectives for gender equality in HORIZON 2020 implemented and integrated at different stages of the Research and Innovation cycle?

- How is Science Europe dealing with challenges related to gender issues in science and academia?


Learning outcomes/benefits for the participants

Increased knowledge on how Gender Equality is relevant for Research Funding. The webinar aims at enabling experts and National Contact Points to offer better services to clients who are interested in participating in HORIZON 2020. Moreover it can increase general awareness of research funding experts and stakeholders about what to gain through taking gender equality into account in R & I funding.


Who should attend?

Programme managers and experts dealing with national and/or European R&I Funding, National Contact Points for Horizon 2020, stakeholders and researchers interested in Gender Equality in Research Funding.



free of charge


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