Trainings 2012

Please find hereunder the trainings and workshops offered within the scope of the TAFTIE academy for 2012. The choice of the courses to be organised was made on basis of the feedback we received from most of the TAFTIE organisations, about how many people are planning to take part in the initially planned trainings and workshops.

The evaluation of the feedback and the presentations of the events are to be found in the document section! (you need to log in as a TAFTIE member to be able to download them)


Staff trainings


1. Staff training "Evaluation advanced"
Vienna, Austria - 4-5 June 2012


2. Staff training "International Collaboration - Are you puzzled with ERA?"
- Brussels, Belgium - 4-5 October 2012


Networking workshops


1. Networking workshop "Monetary funding: project financing via loans / grants vs tax schemes– actual developments in Europe"
- Vienna, Austria - 16th of April 2012


2. Networking workshop "Performance measurement in funding agencies"
- Helsinki, Finland - 26th of April 2012


3. Networking workshop "e-identification"
- Birmingham, UK - 19 September 2012 (combined with the EWG meeting)


4. Networking workshop "Internationalisation strategies"
- Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 25th October 2012