Trainings 2009

Managing Agencies in time of recession: Changing focus of business support?


23 October 2009, 9 - 16.30 o'clock at FFG Vienna


The day started with an overview on international reactions of R&D due to crisis, effects on companies, prospects and possible measures and alternatives by Andreas Reinstaller (Austrian Institute of Economic Research) The presentation is available and a discussion based on some provocative statements.


After that an intensive information and experience exchange took place between high level representatives from innovation funding organisations from 9 countries. For programm details please have a look at


As the workshop material produced during the session is just useful for the participants there won't be any further dissemination of the results.


Workshop "HR Circle"


27 November 2009 in Vienna


TAFTIE Members are very particular organisations in each of their countries with very particular needs in regards to Human Resources. We are expert organisations within a public setting – need the best people and can probably not always afford them. And with our uniqueness we might sometimes have a hard time finding colleagues within the same country to discuss certain issues. And even if we do – wouldn’t it also be interesting to look a bit further for new and interesting ideas?


Right now Human resource departments have a common interest: TAFTIE Academy is just starting and will soon be a new player in our personnel development efforts. What is TAFTIE Academy, what does mean to HR, how can they get their needs integrated in the business concept, what role can they play in the further development of the Academy? 


The Workshop addressed these issues in a small, but very enthusiastic round and came to the conclusion that a yearly meeting of HR responsibles would be rather useful.


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