Task Force on State Aid Rules revived

20.01 2012

The TAFTIE Board has decided to re-establish a task force for years 2012-2013 on the revision of the EU R&D&I framework. The target of the task force is  to influence the process and the changing rules so that the revised state aid rules for R&D&I allow all appropriate policy measures for enhancing innovation. Through the work of the task force,  the experiences of TAFTIE members of application of rules in practice can be taken into account in the revision of the R&D&I framework.



European Commission has published an open consultation on R&D&I Framework. The consultation can be found here


The first step of the TAFTIE task force is to prepare comments to this consultation paper. The first meeting of the task force is suggested to be held in Brussels in the middle of February.

Tekes is chairing the task force. Person in charge at Tekes is senior legal counsel Maija Lönnqvist, in cooperation with executive policy adviser Jari Romanainen.