Task Force on State Aid Rules for R&D&I: proposals for the renewal of the State Aid Rules (March 2011)

The Task Force has finalised proposals for the renewal of the State Aid Rules for R&D&I (March 2011).

The document presents a number of proposals for the Commission to consider during the on-going mid-term review of the current R&D&I State aid framework, and during a more comprehensive review leading to the reform of the rules in 2013, when the current rules expire. The proposals are structured in two groups, one in which there is already sufficient experience and rationale to make a detailed proposal how to change or amend the current rules. The other group consists of more complex issues, where experience has shown that changes are needed, but where no easy or simple solution has presented itself.


The document represents the work and views of TAFTIE, i.e. key organisations in Europe responsible for implementing R&D&I policies, especially those related to public funding and thereby State aid. TAFTIE agencies have collectively a unique and comprehensive view of the practical challenges and experiences related to implementing the State aid framework for R&D&I. The purpose of this report is to bring this extensive experience and insight to the disposal of the Commission to help it in its deliberations leading to reforms in the State aid legislation.


You can download here:  TAFTIE proposals for the renewal of State Aid Rules for RDI