Task Force SELECT



On 26th November 2013, the Taftie Board decided to establish a Task Force on Proposal Selection Procedures. The decision was based on this Proposal to the Board.


Twelve Taftie memberorganisations were involved in the Task Force:

Bpifrance, CDTI, Enterprise Estonia, FFG (TF Chair), HAMAG-BICRO, PARP, PtJ, RCN, RVO, TA CR, Vinnova, VLAIO.


The Task Force team met 7 times and was supported by experts from the Austrian Institute of Technology.

Its aims were the following:


- Providing an overview of different selection procedures along a defined structure
- Comparing and analyzing the procedures along defined questions and criteria, also considering cross cutting issues
- Developing good practices and recommendations, having a clear understanding of pros, cons and limits of the different approaches



This is the final report of the Task Force SELECT, which was approved by the Board in May 2016.


Taftie Members can find more detailed information on the work of the Task Force in the documents section of the Taftie web site’s member area (chose Task Force as category and click on apply):


Annex 1: Organisations and Programmes (a systematic and comparable overview of the processes and programmes selected for the Task Force)
Annex 2: Description of Criteria
Annex 3: Table Evaluators (an overview on how agencies work with evaluators in selection processes )
Annex 4: Table Risks of Misunderstanding
Annex 5: Criteria for Proposal Assessment 
Comprehensive Overview


After the Task Force, the group will continue as a trust based and sustainable expert network on selection procedures. Dissemination of the results will  take place via the Taftie web site, a Taftie Academy webinar  and a dissemination workshop 


Taftie member agencies are invited to comment to :