Taftie Expert Session/ Taftie Academy Networking Workshop, Strasbourg, 22nd September

22.09 2016

ExExpert Session / Taftie Academy Networking Workshop
EnEnhancing operational cooperation with EIB/EIF and the EC:
    RDI risk sharing schemes and EU instruments
22nd September, Strasbourg


On 22nd September the third Taftie Expert Session of 2016 took place in Strasbourg.


The focus was twofold:New EU debt instruments for innovation financing (Innovfin SMEG, InnovFin large projects and national agencies) & Non-grant financing and RDI projects


Download here the REPORT or the presentations below.



Welcome & Roundtable



       Presentation of participants



Session 1: Non-grant financing and RDI projects


EC expectation on non-grant financing/EIC - Speaker: Steve Rogers - European Commission

Financing close-to-market innovation projects (eg Seal of Excellence phase 2 type of projects) - Speakers: Gerald Dlesk -FFG & Jean-Luc Eggen- RVO

The implementation of non-grant RDI financing with ESIF - Speaker: Javier Garcia-Serrano - CDTI

Financing European RDI collaborative projects - Speaker: Laure Reinhart - Bpifrance           


                  Discussion session 1 - 3 working groups

                  Working Group presentations



Session 2 : New EU debt instruments for innovation financing : Innovfin SMEG, InnovFin large projects and national agencies



Presentation of EIB Group on the InnovFin debt instruments - Speaker: Olivier Edelman - European Investment Bank

Presentations of TAFTIE Agencies on how to better connect SMEs already supported in RDI phases to EU supported later stages debt financing - Speaker: Christian Dubarry - Bpifrance