Taftie Expert Session 'Innovation in all its forms'

09.03 2016



Expert session: Innovation in all its forms


This year’s first TAFTIE Expert Session was held at the Federal University of Toulouse on 9th of March 2016. The main topic to be discussed was Innovation in all its forms and the focus was on non-technological innovation. Moreover, Financing tools as well as Project Evaluation Criteria were debated. 

You can download the presentations from the program and read the report.


1. Introduction and New Generation Innovation's presentation by    

    Laure Reinhart
- Introduction of participants through a round table
- Innovation in all it's forms' background and situation in France

2. State of the art - Introduction Bpifrance by Cindy Ung

- Broadening the scope of action to non-technological innovation at    


   Working Groups: 
- What do you think about innovation in all its forms? In your country,     do you support non-technological innovation? 

- Drawing a matrix: Technological innovation vs Innovation in all its       forms/Incremental vs radical innovation

3. Evaluation criteria for innovation in all its forms
    Introduction by FFG & Tekes

- What is the application process (call for proposals, bottum up...)?

- What about the evaluation criteria?

- What kind of projects are finally selected and how do you select?

   Working Groups:
- How do you do in your country? 
4. Coffee break
5. Pitch by two start-ups: Telegraphik and New Aircraft Solutions

6. Financing tool: introduction by Antoine Fichet

- Bpifrance's financing (French Tech Grant)
- Six types of innovation: radar tool

  Working Groups:

- Which financing tool do you use in your country?

7. Conclusion