Taftie Annual Conference, Vienna 10th June 2013

10.06 2013



The 2013 Conference took place on 10th June in Vienna in the Hotel & Palais Strudlhof.

The Conference was hosted by the FFG, Division Thematic Programmes


Societal & economic challenges in Europe: Which sets of (public) intervention mechanisms for RTDI are most adequate?


Below is the programme with downloads of some of the presentations (simply click on the name of a speaker).
A Conference Summary is also available.


Opening, Greetings & Introduction Emmanuel Glenck
Klaus Schnitzer
Setting the scene: The Austrian point of view

Ludovit Garzik

Wolfgang Polt

RTDI instruments and mechanisms for societal and economic challenges
moderation: Emmanuel Glenck

Gerald Murauer

Wolfgang Polt

Rupert Pichler

Maria Bendl

Matthias Weber

Interplay of regional, national and European levels for more effective
research systems in Europe
Moderation: Thomas Zergoi

Thomas Zergoi

Koen de Pater

Johann Massoner

Alois Saria

Klaus Kubeczko

Skills and attributes of human capital in RTDI and funding organisations
Moderation: Andreas Wildberger

Karin Grasenick

Michaela Fritz

Richard Grice